R&R and R&R2 programs do not require the services of highly trained mental health professionals – they are not available in sufficient numbers to enable the programs to be delivered to enough patients/offenders to have a major impact on reducing recidivism. R&R and R&R2 programs can be facilitated by staff who have good cognitive and social skills - whatever their professional or academic background. 

Training to enable individuals to facilitate R&R or R&R2 programs is provided through a 3-day group Training Workshop facilitated by the programs’ authors or by R&R certified Instructors or Associates. Workshops can be conducted at the requesting agency's site or at the Cognitive Centre of Canada in Ottawa. Workshops provide 3 days of training for groups of 6 (minimum) to 18 (maximum) participants.

Agencies may include individuals from other agencies in workshops in order to  defray costs.

R&R Trainers

Workshop participants are certified by Dr. Ross and the Cognitive Centre of Canada as "R&R Trainers" to enable them to facilitate the program with offenders or patients in their agency.

Note: R&R and most R&R2 programs may be facilitated without additional training by individuals who have been certified as R&R Trainers in any R&R/R&R2 program.

 R&R Instructors (Trainer of Trainers)

In order for agencies to be able to train other staff in a cost-effective manner, their R&R Trainers may earn certification as “R&R Instructors”. They are licensed by the Cognitive Centre of Canada to train not only offenders or patients, but other staff in their jurisdiction. Individuals they train earn certification as R&R Trainers by Dr. Ross and the Cognitive Centre of Canada.

Certification as an R&R INSTRUCTOR for most programs is achieved by an R&R Trainer submitting videos of him/her facilitating selected sessions of the program for review by Dr. Ross. Cost: $ 1,883.  Certification as Instructor for R&R2ADHD or MHP is facilitated by Dr. Young; 


R&R Associates are experienced professionals who have been appointed by the Cognitive Centre of Canada to train staff in agencies in various countries throughout the world. They do so with the approval of the Cognitive Centre of Canada which contracts with the organization seeking training.


Workshop fee in U.S.A. by an R&R2 Associate facilitator: U.S. $1,200.00 per diem + 2 travel days (total fee for a workshop = $6,000 + the facilitator’s travel expenses. 

Note: All individuals who are to be trained must purchase a program-specific Trainer’s Kit from the Cognitive Centre of Canada except in jurisdictions which have purchased copyright.

Note: R&R2ADHD or R&R2MHP training - contact Dr. Young for fee & travel expenses: 

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