R&R2 Short Version For Adults is a 14 session program designed for adults (16+) whose antisocial behaviour has led to their coming under the supervision of social service agencies or criminal justice agencies including probation and prisons. The 90 minute sessions can be delivered in as little as 5 weeks (3 sessions a week) but we recommend delivering 2 sessions a week thus requiring 7 weeks of training.

The program handbook includes detailed step-by-step instructions for the Trainer, a suggested script for him/her to follow in delivering each session, in-class exercises and out of class assignments for practicing the skills, and audio-visual materials designed to maintain the participant's interest. 

The ideal group size for the program is 6-8 . This varies, of course, with the characteristics of the members of each particular group, but the aim should be to have no less than 4 and no more than 10 participants in any session. 


The materials for conducting the R&R2ADULT program are presented in a Trainer's Kit that includes the following:
Program Handbook - articulates the program principles and provides complete and detailed step-by-step instructions (including a suggested script) for Trainers to deliver the complete program. 
DVD - presents PowerPoint slides for each session and a number of brain-teasers with which to practice acquired thinking and problem-solving skills. 
Participant’s Workbook (reproducible by Trainers)
Certificate of Achievement for clients (reproducible by Trainers)
Stimulus Cardswallet-sized cards for participants that list the steps that they are trained to follow in solving problems.

Copyright for the R&R program for a foreign country, a U.S. State or Canadian province can be purchased by a university, government department or social agency. Copyright enables the purchaser to produce Trainer's Kits and train individuals on a fee or non-fee basis throughout its jurisdiction. Contact the Cognitive Centre of Canada for information.


Note: A Training Kit must be ordered for each staff member participating in a training workshop.


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