R&R2 for Youths and Adults with

Mental Health Problems

R&R2 for Youths and Adults with Mental Health Problems (R&R2 MHP) is designed for adolescents (age 13+) and adults who have a history of antisocial behavior and have mental health problems or severe mental illness (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, major depression and other non-toxic psychoses).

R&R2 MHP program is a 15 (ninety minute) sessions program which provides training techniques to target the cognitive, attitudinal, emotional and behavioral characteristics that are associated with antisocial behavior and mental illness. It includes a Neurocognitive Skills Module with emphasis on attentional and impulse control, memory, and constructive planning and modules which teach participants to deconstruct information, assumptions and preconceptions and reconstruct them in a pro-social and adaptive fashion.

R&R2 MHP also includes individual sessions in which a member of staff meets with the participant between group sessions to reinforce their motivation and help them transfer the skills to their personal everyday life.

The program can be delivered in community-based educational, social service and health agencies or in probation, prison or hospital settings including secure psychiatric hospitals.

1. antisocial individuals diagnosed with severe mental illness in a psychiatric or correctional facility

2. antisocial individuals diagnosed with severe mental illness who are being managed by community social or forensic services

3. 'difficult to manage‘ youths and young adults who are transitioning from conduct disorder to severe mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia) and are being managed by social service agencies or general adult and/or adolescent psychiatric services

4. adolescents and adults in institutional or community settings who evidence antisocial behavior that is associated with mental health problems.

Published evaluation reports can be obtained from Dr. Susan Young who does the training for this program internationally: suzyyoung@aol.com

 To facilitate this program each R&R2 MHP Trainer requires


The Handbook describes the development of the program and the teaching principles and objectives will be sent electronically (without cost) for distribution to all staff who will be participating in a staff training workshop for teaching staff and certifying them as “R&R2 MHP Trainers”. The Handbook also includes reproducible Session Record Forms and Program Report Forms.

 TRAINER'S KIT that includes:

·PROGRAM MANUAL - complete guidelines and detailed instructions for delivering the program

·CD: providing power-point slides for each session

·MYSTERY GAMES for participants to practice the thinking and problem-solving skills they are taught in the program

·MPEG MOVIES for in-class exercises in social cognitive emotional skills

·DVD TRAINING VIDEO of Dr. Young teaching the program

·STIMULUS CARDS for in-class exercises (reproducible by Trainers)

o dilemmas game card

o non-verbal emotion card

o non-verbal situation card

o non-verbal question card

o goals cards

·SIGNS used to stimulate the participants' thinking and actions

·SARA CARD – card of problem-solving steps (reproducible by Trainers)

·CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT– a ‘graduation diploma’ to award offenders who

complete the program (reproducible by Trainers). 

  • PROGRAM MATERIALS (reproducible by Trainers)

       · PARTICIPANTS WORKBOOKS (reproducible by Trainers)

       · PALS GUIDES – each PAL (staff mentor) receives a manual of instructions

for each session and a guideline for his/her role in the program (reproducible by Trainers)

· BOOSTER PROGRAM MANUAL – instructions for delivering a Booster Program for clients who may benefit from additional training 



Exclusive copyright to enable translating, producing, distributing, selling this program  and training professionals throughout a foreign country can be purchased by an approved government or social agency.  Contact the Cognitive Centre of Canada for information.






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Note: To ensure quality control, Trainers' Kits may be ordered only by/for certified R&R2MHP or individuals attending a Training Workshops conducted by Dr. Young or an R&R2MHP Instructor or Associate.


Note: A Training Kit must be ordered for each staff member participating in a training workshop.



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