Dra. Maria Josefina Ferrer

Dra. Maria Ferrer, M.A. (Criminology) is a lawyer, criminologist and victimologist. She is also a "Specialist in Penal Science". She is a professor for graduate and undergraduate studies in Criminology and Victimology at the Central University of Venezuela. She is responsible for the "Violence, victims, victimization processes, control and justice administration: penal and restorative, international and national" research project in which she has worked as a researcher and director of numerous theses and articles.

She is also the coordinator of the academic committee for the postgraduate course on Penal Science and Criminology, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Ciudad Universitaria, Caracas, Venezuela.

She is a consultant to the scientific committee of the Journal of Victimology.

Dra. Ferrer was responsible for the introduction of the Reasoning and Rehabilitation Program in South America through her association with the Juvenile Justice System in Venezuela.