Dr. Alexander Abdennur


Dr. Alexander Abdennur, M.A (Criminology); Ph.D (Education) University of Ottawa, has taught behavioural sciences (criminology, psychology and management) in several universities both in Canada and internationally.

He was a contract researcher in criminal justice for 15 years for the Government of Canada's Department of Justice, the Office of the Solicitor General, and the Correctional Services of Canada which operates penitentiaries across the country for the nation's most serious offenders.

He is currently a consultant and program developer in the fields of criminology, education and management. Dr. Abdennur is widely published in professional journals and research reports.  His books include:  The Conflict Resolution Syndrome (University of Ottawa Press, 1987); Camouflaged Aggression: The Hidden Threat to Individuals and Organizations (Detselig, 2000); and The Arab Mind: An Ontology of Abstraction and Concreteness (Kogna,2008).